On the Pretentiousness of Travelers #7


Yesterday at the Louvre I saw twenty tourists taking pictures of a picture of the Mona Lisa.  It was so cute how they all obeyed the no photographing the Mona Lisa warning.  But why snap a photo of the tiny photo on the placard?  Why do people do that?  Silly tourists.  Go buy a postcard.

Today, I went into the cutest little market that sold fowl, just fowl!  Can you believe that?  Everything looked so fresh.  It almost made me want to cancel my Blue Apron subscription and cook for myself.  Why don’t we have fowl markets in the States?  I suppose we need the super-supermarkets so we can just work, work, work.  The French are just so much more civilized, yes?

Anyway, do those people who take the picture of the picture of the painting put it in a slide show?  Do they show their children?  Do they look back on the picture of the picture with nostalgia?

Well, I am sure everyone will love this picture of chicken.  It’s just so artistic, and I mean, it’s educating you, yes?


  1. In lovely downtown Passaic NJ–there is a poultry market. A store, full of cages, and they get new truckloads each day of very fresh, in fact LIVE chickens. I guess people go in and pick out their chicken and they take it in the back, and kill it for you. 😦

  2. I enjoy your humor regarding taking pictures of pictures. I’ll even go further and question the futility of typical tourists’ iconic-scenery snapshots when incomparably better results by professional photographers, artists like yourself, are readily available. Is there any geographic area you haven’t visited? 🙂

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