On the Pretentiousness of Travelers #5


Hi hi.  You probably aren’t up yet, but I just saw a bear.

Did you drink a lot last night?

I saw a moose yesterday.  Did you get my snapchat?  I thought of you when I saw it.    Didn’t you like that cartoon moose when you were a kid? That’s why I added that animation.  I guess it was silly. Sorry.

I haven’t seen a soul on the road.  I stopped for lunch after 25 miles and that’s when I took the selfie.  I know you hate selfies.  Don’t be worried.  I really did plan this trip to be alone…aren’t you proud of me?

I saw you were out dancing last night.   Looks like you had fun.  Remember your friends instagram even if u don’t.

Well, I see another bear.  I’m gonna hop back on my bike.  Don’t worry about me.  #loveu4ever

Sorry, I know you hate hashtags too.  lol

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