On the Seriousness of Tourists #10

IMG_0655.jpgOne day someone will love me like that.

Can you believe some tourist with a Prada purse is complaining about them taking up all the space on this narrow path to the castle?  Is she kidding?  To see that love.  So free.  So exuberant.  It’s better than another touristy trdelnik sweet shop.

One day someone will tilt me back in a poof of a dress and kiss me in front of a throng of tourists.  Well, maybe I won’t get the poofy dress or the throng of tourists, but the tilt and the kiss?  Yes I do.  I do want that.

Just look at that stocking, the lace placed just so.  The tourist with the Prada purse is telling her friend it’s tacky.  I would love for my leg to look that graceful in lace all the while being tipped upside down.  And to be so loved I could wear tennies.

To be loved like that.


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